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5 Lessons Series

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

An index for all of my five lesson posts. Below is an explanation for this series which I went into more detail in my article, 5 Lessons from Writing for 6 Months:

I'll diving into the five lessons I've learned from a skill I've been practicing for the last 6 months. I've decided to do 6 months to work on my new habit because it gives me time to get into the "groove" of the habit and it's more sustainable for my goals and lifestyles.

I will occasionally include lessons from skills I've practiced for more than 6 months, similar to my post 5 Lessons from Learning About Productivity, which is a skill I've been practicing for many years. I will also be writing "beginning" or "introductory" posts before I begin my 6 month practice like I did with my creating my blog and creating my own newsletter. This will allow me to not only record my goals but I will be able to reflect on how I did.

Below are the 5 Lessons posts I've done so far and one's in progress as well:


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