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Top 10 LinkedIn Creators in Data to Follow

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

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When people think of LinkedIn they think of it solely as a networking site. When I joined I didn't know there were people who created content on LinkedIn. I thought content creators were limited to platforms like Youtube and Instagram. Turns out, there's a lot of creators on LinkedIn. There's a niche for everything from marketing and sales to health and wellness. It's a great way to network with other professionals inside and outside of your field. LinkedIn has let me connect with data professionals and career transitioners through posting my own content and commenting on other posts. I've found it to be the best tool for my career transition.

Below are my favorite content creators when it comes to all things data including: data analytics, data science, and transitioning into these roles. In no particular order.


For each person I've included their job title (what's currently posted on their LinkedIn), a link to their profile, and topics they talk about.

Albert Bellamy | Senior Marketing Intelligence Analyst

Talks about: Data Analytics, LinkedIn Hard Mode, Personal Branding, Marketing Analytics, Military Transition

Albert is the creator of the LinkedIn Hard Mode Challenge, which I've talked about quite a bit. It helped me start creating content on LinkedIn and has helped plenty of others. Albert was the first person I connected with in the community and is always encouraging and helpful. Great guy to follow/connect with. He is a veteran and specifically helps veterans transition into data analytics. He also posts about content creation with strategies and tips.

Matt Mike | Financial Data Analyst

Talks about: Data Analytics, Portfolio Projects, Resumes, Career Transition

He's a financial analyst at Mobile Mini Solutions. He talks about transitioning into data analytics specifically giving advice on portfolio projects and how to revise your resume. He has a few online resources that he sells with building a data portfolio and resume review. He focuses his posts on helping career transitioners without a technical background. He also talks about: networking, projects, and upskilling.

Lekhana Reddy | Senior Data Governance Analyst

Talks about: Marketing, Data Literacy, Data Analytics, Data Storytelling, Personal Branding

Lekhana is a senior data governance analyst and the co-founder of Storytelling by Data. Storytelling by Data helps professionals transition to data. They have a discord community and a free career roadmap. Her posts give tips on transitioning into the field of data, insights and job advice. She also creates content on Instagram @storytellingbydata. I've had a coffee chat with Lekhana and we had a great conversation about the difference between video and text content.

Megan Lieu | Data Scientist

Talks about: Tech, Coding, Careers, Data Science, Data Analytics

Megan is a data scientist at a startup company. She's one of my favorite content creators. I've had the privilege of meeting her in a coffee chat. She's friendly and has supported me on my journey towards becoming a data analyst. Her posts are authentic and relatable. Megan posts about balancing work and home life. She also gives advice for those looking to transition into tech. She also gives weekly tips on SQL with lesser known SQL statements. Megan also has a LinkedIn course about choosing the right tool for data.

Annie Nelson | Data Analyst

Talks about: SQL, Python, Tableau, Breaking into Tech, Data Analytics

Annie originally started creating content on TikTok (@anniesanalytics). After a while she began posting on LinkedIn. She successfully transitioned into the field of data analytics earlier this year. She posts about her own journey and advice for other career transitioners. Annie talks about the reality of job searching. She is relatable and often dives into her own personal struggles. She has a resource where she has collected all of the links, resources, and suggestions she's received on her journey of breaking into the field. You can view it here.

Jess Ramos | Senior Risk Analyst

Talks about: Financial Tech, Data Science, Tech Careers, Women in Data, Data Analytics

Jess is a senior risk analyst at Freddie Mac. Most of her posts are about transitioning into the field of data. Especially for those who have non-traditional backgrounds. She also talks about how she got into data analytics, her journey, and her misconceptions about tech careers. Jess gives tips on how to use SQL gives advice for beginners on using operations like CASE and WHERE. She is coming out with her own LinkedIn course in early 2023, you can read about it in her post here.

Avery Smith | Data Scientist

Talks about: Analytics, Data Science, Engineering, Data Analytics, Data Visualization

Avery is the creator of the Data Career Jumpstart. Where he helps professionals pivot into data careers. He has a few free resources and a community discord. He has is own bootcamp where he gives advice about portfolios, interview questions and tries to help his students land jobs. He is the creator of the popular 21-Day Challenge to help people discover the world of data. On LinkedIn he posts frequently with actionable advice for people interested in data. Including advice on: portfolios, projects, and resumes.

Nick Singh | Data Scientist

Talks about: SQL, Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning

Nick is the Founder of DataLemur and experienced in working in tech. DataLemur is a site where you can practice SQL interview questions. It's a completely free resource to practice interview questions asked by top tech companies. He often talks about SQL and how to interview for data analytics. He gives actionable advice and quick tips about building technical skills. Nick also has a book called Ace the Data Science Interview to help you prepare for data focused interviews.

Kedeisha Bryan | Data Scientist

Talks about: Networking, Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Visualization

Kedeisha is the co-founder of Data in Motion and a Data Science Intern at Humu. Data in Motion is a community on Discord that provides training, resources and live events for people looking to improve their data skills. I'm personally a part of the discord community. It helped me get a free mock interview with a professional analyst who has experience with hiring. She talks about SQL, her struggles with breaking into data, and gives advice to others interested in breaking into tech.

Christian Wanser | Senior Data Analyst

Talks about: Data, Data Careers, Data Science, Data Analytics

Christian has been in data for a few years. He posts consistently on LinkedIn about the reality of working with data. The struggles, frustration and how rewarding it is. I had a coffee chat with Christian and we had a great conversation about: transition careers and projects. He also gives advice for others who are interested in data analytics. His content style is humorous and lighthearted. His posts have made me laugh out loud several times. He also writes articles on Medium about data analytics. You can view his profile on Medium here.


All of these creators are knowledgeable and create amazing content. Everyone has a different style but gives variety to your feed. I've had conversations with quite a few of them and all of them have been friendly and helpful. The data community has been the best part about transitioning into data analytics. I would recommend connecting with/following everyone on this list.

Who else would you add?


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