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15 Additional Interview Tips from Commenters

A woman is interviewing a man for a job interview.

When I posted on LinkedIn about what I do to prepare for interviews, I received a lot of great comments. Below are the additional tips I received. Each tip includes: a summary/paraphrasing of the comment, a link to the original comment, and the commenters LinkedIn profile.

  1. Reviewing the LinkedIn profiles of your interviewers (Original Comment) - Angelo Melchiorre

  2. If it's a video interview you split the screen with the video call and your notes app. This lets you check your notes during the interview. (Original Comment) - Joshua Tovar

  3. Try to come up with one trait that makes you stand out and always ask "what will my first week/month;6 months look like?" (Original Comment) - Tom Hinkle

  4. Prepare your mood and mindset: have some water, a nice meal, listen to a song that makes you feel energized, and smile at yourself in the mirror (Original Comment) - Paden Janney

  5. Spend time centering yourself so you're calm, collected and confident before the interview (Original Comment) - Michael Chang

  6. Practice your introduction as well as technical and behavioral questions (Original Comment) - Hetal Shah

  7. Consider the values and principles of the company. Then align your experience and values with those of the company. (Original Comment) - Donnelly Miller

  8. Use ChatGPT to help draft targeted interview questions (Original Comment) - A.P. McIntosh

  9. Have 5 stories prepared that you've practiced and can tell that demonstrate skills the job posting is asking for. Practice them out loud so you're comfortable. (Original Comment) - Cody West

  10. Schedule a thank you/follow up email now and schedule it to send the afternoon or morning after the interview. Edit it as needed with details you gathered from the interview. (Original Comment) - Demetrious Lloyd

  11. Have reasons why you're interested in the company, and what led you to apply for the position (Original Comment) - B. Davis

  12. Ask at the end, "is there any reservations about my application for this position that we can address?" (Original Comment) - Melissa Jackson

  13. Request accommodations before the interview, practice voicing thought processes out loud, ask for DEI initiatives, and ask about or mention specific things from the job description (Original Comment) - Nicole White

  14. Focus on your success not on what you have done (Original Comment) - Dalila B.

  15. Be aware and have knowledge about the company and its business problems (Original Comment) - Ayan Khan

If you want more interview advice check out my blog post: How I Prepare for Interviews (Before, After, and During). Have any more interview advice? Feel free to email me at

Disclaimer: I'm not a hiring manager or recruiter and everyone's experience is different. This is for informational purposes only.


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