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10 LinkedIn Data Analytics Post Ideas (with Examples)

There's a lot of advice on how to job search. Especially when it comes to LinkedIn. People talk about the benefits of posting and others say don't even bother. One reason to post is to increase the chances of a recruiter or hiring manager looking at your profile. It's a way to gain more visibility. I'm not going to talk about whether you should post. Instead I'm going to share some post ideas that focus on data analytics. I've been posting on LinkedIn for over here and I've seen tremendous benefits from it. While it's not necessary for everyone if you're interested in it I say go for it.

Below I give some ideas on what to post. Along with examples of posts I've made or seen. Each idea will have:

  • link to the original post;

  • link to the post author; and

  • screenshot of the post (some posts are too long and the screenshot may not include the entire post).

Post Ideas

  1. Post about a resource you found out about

  2. List the top three resources you use to learn a specific skill

  3. Share your portfolio project

  4. Go a guided project and share your thoughts

  5. Share a SQL query you wrote

  6. Talk why you are leaving your current profession

  7. Transferable skills you have

  8. Share your favorite Excel functions

  9. Give a tip on a tool you use often

  10. Lesson/s you've learned while job searching

1 Post about a resource you found out

You can write about a resource you've recently found like a podcast, newsletter, blog, book. Really anything that you found useful. Right about what makes it useful and provide insights on it.


2 List the top three resources you use to learn a specific skill

Give your top three (or any number) resources you use to learn a specific skill. These can be books, websites, podcasts, or any resource you've found helpful.


3 Share your portfolio project

Share your portfolio project. I'd recommend including an image with the post (these tend to get more views). The image can be a photo of the dashboard or code. In the post you can include a brief description of the project, what problem you're trying to solve, and the tool you used. If you want to know what to include in your portfolio for each project check out my LinkedIn post.


4 Go a guided project and share your thoughts

Go through a guided project either from a course or a Youtube video and re-create it. Then share: your thoughts and opinions; what you learned; or an overview of the project.


5 Share a SQL query you wrote (data in motion SQL challenge)

Post about a recent SQL query you wrote. It can be from a course, practice problem from a site/book, or from a challenge (like the one below). Include an explanation and/or your logic for writing the query. You can use a site like carbon to share an image of your source code.


6 Talk why you are leaving your current profession

Talk about what makes you interested in data analytics. It can be anything from always learning anything to being able to work in almost any industry. You can also talk about why you are leaving your current profession.


7 Transferable skills you have

Talk about your transferrable skills you have from previous jobs/industries. These can be either technical skills (Excel, SQL, etc.) any program or knowledge of a tool. Or it can be soft skills like communication or problem solving. Write about how your previous role has prepared you for an analyst role. If you need ideas on what transferable soft skills to include check out my blog post: Transferrable Soft Skills for Data Analysts.


8 Share your favorite Excel functions

Share your favorite Excel functions. Explain how you use each one and bonus if you include examples on how to use it.


9 Give a tip on a tool you use often

Share a tip on a tool you use often. It can be any tool like Tableau, Excel or SQL. It can be about a new feature in the tool, a useful shortcut, or a feature that people rarely use.


10 Lesson/s you've learned while job searching

Write about what you've learned while job searching. It can be about interviews (like my post below), applications, networking. Anything related to finding a job. Share lessons or tips on job searching.


Bonus Ideas and Hashtags

Here are a a few bonus post ideas (without examples);

  • A recent experience you had while interviewing

  • A challenge you've had to overcome

  • Celebrating a small or big win

  • How's your life's changed as a data analyst

  • Your journey into data analytics

  • What your first week is like as an analyst

  • What made you want to switch to data analytics


But what hashtags should you use? Below are some common hashtags used in data analytics posts. I wouldn't recommend adding all of them for every post. Only include 3-5 tags that are the most relevant.

  • datanalytics

  • dataanalyst

  • tableau

  • data

  • career

  • analyst

  • excel

  • tableau

  • sql

  • careertransition


Remember these are post ideas. Use this as inspiration for your next post. Don't plagiarize someone else's work. Never try to pass off someone else's work as yours. A personal rule I have: I tag a person in my posts if one of their posts inspired me. If you use any of these ideas feel free to tag me on LinkedIn. I'm constantly seeing posts that I'd never think about. Hopefully this gave you some ideas on your next LinkedIn post.


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