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10 Types of Analyst Roles to Apply for besides Data Analyst

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

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I'm applying for data analyst jobs. I've been struggling. Many of the jobs require relevant experience, even those labeled as "entry level". Sometimes the job search can last for months at a time. Struggling to get past the submitting the resume stage. I've been only applying to data analyst positions. I didn't realize I was limiting my search. Until I read Ursula Koshie Wellington's, LinkedIn Post. Who suggested aspiring analysts try applying for other analyst roles. These may be easier to get into if you have relevant experience from the same industry. Don't limit yourself in the job search. Below are other data related roles you can apply for.

As a reminder a data analyst is a person who gathers, cleans, and studies data sets to help solve problems.


  • Ability to leverage your skills

  • Easier to move laterally in your career

  • Able to get experience as an analyst working with data

  • Narrow your job search

Most of these positions require the same type of skills: communication, analytical abilities, project management), problem solving. All key skills in any analyst position. While the specific job descriptions and tools are different. They are similar in the person is analyzing data to help solve a problem.

Please note the roles of analysts can overlap. There are no clear set of responsibilities/skillsets for each role. The field of data analytics is quite broad. This is a general guideline. Below are brief descriptions of the different types of analyst positions.

Alternative Data Roles:

  1. Financial Analyst -gives guidance to companies or individuals on business investment decisions by analyzing financial data (economic trends, current news, company's business strategy)

  2. Healthcare Analyst - help improve healthcare outcomes (e.g. improve patient care, streamlining processes) using data

  3. Marketing Analyst - help companies and organizations decide which products and services to sell, which customers to sell to and at what price, they use various data from marketing conditions, competitor's activities and consumer behavior

  4. Business Analyst - helps maximize a business' effectiveness through data-driven decisions, they help form business insights and give suggestions to business

  5. Research Analyst - responsible for researching, analysing, interpreting and presenting data relate to markets, operations, finance, economics and other information related to the field they work in

  6. Operations Analyst - reviews a company's policies, procedures and functions to help the company make improvements (re-do policies, adjust logistics, streamline operations)

  7. Risk Analyst - a financial specialist who looks the risks associated with investments or new clients to determine whether it is safe to make a financial decisions

  8. Quantitative Analyst

  9. Data Governance Analyst - helps the organization maintain best practices regarding information security, integrity, and access

  10. Data Quality Analyst - monitors the quality of data from which organizations make informed decisions

This list was inspired/helped by Ursula Koshie Wellington's LinkedIn Post.

Try searching for these roles on sites like Indeed, LinkedIn or Glassdoor. Or better yet find others in your network with these roles and try to have a coffee chat with them.



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