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Kelly Adams


I'm currently a full time data analyst. I have skills in Excel, SQL, and Google Looker. You can view my personal portfolio here or download my resume below.

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I transitioned careers from a paralegal to a data analyst in July of 2023. I have experience with analyzing and cleaning data using SQL, along with creating data visualizations in Tableau and Google Looker. I'm currently a full time data analyst for Golden Hearts Games. I also work part-time as a Digital Content Producer for Luke Barousse's Youtube Channel.

I write twice a month on my blog about data analytics, learning, and the day-to-day life of a data analyst. I volunteer in the education department with the Turtle Bay Exploration Park Outside of my professional life you can find me building LEGOs, weight lifting or spending quality time with my dog, Luna.

If you want a career in data analytics but don’t know where to start check out my blog post: start here

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Data Analytics


Microsoft Excel


Google Looker Studio

Google Bigquery



Data Analyst

Golden Hearts Games, Inc.

July 2023 - Present


Digital Content Producer

Luke Barousse's YT Channel

Dec 2023 - Present


Google Data Analytics Certificate


BA Secondary Education in Mathematics

University of Nevada, Reno


Analyzed my own personal weightlifting data using SQL. Created an interactive dashboard in Tableau measuring key metrics on volume, reps, weight (lbs), estimated one rep max, and sets. 

Created an interactive dashboard in Google Looker to showcase KPIs on time I spent in deep work. Analyzed my deep work data using Excel. Determined insights on how to increase time spent in deep work.

Helped developed a free SQL course on Luke Barousse's Youtube to teach beginners and experienced students learn how to write effective queries and create a project at the end. Note: This is an affiliate link to the Youtube video.


How to Become a Data Analyst (Ultimate Guide)

An ultimate guide on how to become a data analyst. I go over projects, interviews, networking and more!

The Reality of Using SQL Day-to-Day as a Data Analyst

All about what it's like using SQL at a full-time data analyst role.

How to Stand Out as a Data Analyst: T-Shaped Learning

Talks about the power of T-shaped learning, having a wide range of knowledge with a depth of expertise.

My Journey into Data Analytics

My story of how I became a data analyst coming from a vastly different field. 

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